Yes, the online 247bestpillspharm is a legal site which received authorization from its Regional Health Agency (ARS) on May 29, 2013 . You can also check on the national portal of the Order of Pharmacists  that we are in the list of authorized sites.

On the online 247bestpillspharm, you will find exactly the same health products and drugs as in a physical pharmacy. All products are ordered through the Canadian pharmaceutical distribution network,  which ensures the safety and traceability of all products. 
On transport, the risks are low. In practice, we have almost no problem of damage or theft. This risk represents less than 1 package in 1000 and in almost all cases, we find the package
Les produits vendus par la pharmacie en ligne proviennent soit des grossistes répartiteurs qui livrent la pharmacie jusqu’à trois fois par jour, soit des laboratoires en direct. Dans tous les cas, si un produit est en rupture de stock,
The products sold by the online pharmacy come either from wholesale distributors who deliver the pharmacy up to three times a day, or from direct laboratories. In any case, if a product is out of stock, the product is delivered to us the same day or the next day . In the event of a delay for a product that cannot be delivered by the wholesaler and distributor, our team will contact you to offer you a solution.
Il y a plusieurs possibilités :
There are many possibilities :
  1. If you used the “search” function, check that you have spelled  the product name correctly
  2. If you search by navigation by selecting the different categories, you may not be in the right category,  try the neighboring categories  or use the “search” function 
  3. It may be that  the drug is not online . In this case, you can suggest that we put the medicine online, as long as it is not a medicine subject to medical prescription. You can also contact us, we can direct you to an equivalent medication. 
If  the drug is not online, it can also be a drug whose sale on the internet is not authorized in France. For example, cialis or viagra are drugs that are  only available on prescription. 


  • Who is transporting my package?
Your packages are entrusted to the service of  USPS, DHL And FedEx.
In order to save on delivery costs, the Mondial Relay offer can be an option.
  • What is the amount of shipping costs?
Shipping costs depend on several parameters:
  • The  weight  of the package
  • The  amount  of the order
  • The  recipient country 
  • Some  options  deliveries
It is very easy, without ordering, to simulate your shipping costs if you have filled your basket. You will have the amount very precisely.
Delivery options are available by clicking on this following link:  Delivery methods
  • What is the delivery time?

The ETA is from 3 – 12 days depending on the location from where it is shipped from as we work with different Manufacturers. For more questions on delivery, contact us on

If your order has  already  been dispatched, we cannot in any case intervene on the transport supported by La Poste. Packages are shipped within 24 hours of your order, which is why you must contact us as soon as possible if you have made an error and wish us to change the address. Without news from you and in the event that the package returns to us, the shipping costs will be applied for any new shipment to the correct address.
Also remember to correct the error in your address on your customer account, so that your next order is shipped to the correct address.
  • How can I track my package during transport?
When your package is shipped, you will receive an email with a tracking number. This number will allow you to follow the progress of your package. 
You will receive the following messages:
  1. When your package leaves our premises and is transported
  2. When your order is in transit
  3. When Colissimo or Mondial Relay prepares delivery 
  • Do I have to fill in the evaluation form?
A form allows us to measure the satisfaction of our customers and to constantly improve ourselves, which is why it is essential to fill it out. It will only take you a few minutes. 
  • I live abroad, can you deliver me?
Yes, we can deliver  anywhere in the world.
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